Rooting in my imagination

Rooting in my imagination: The nervous system, the circulatory system with veins and arteries and the lymphatic system are trees in my head.
Each tree-system travels across a season.
The four seasons coexist in my head and each of them give me a certain feeling.
They are my portals to pass through what cannot be seen and make visible.
You can find them in the 1stDibs Gallery

Nerve tree in spring

The nerves vibrate in the excitement of waking up.

Vein tree in summer
All attention is on the heart while the fruits shine inside.

Artery tree in autumn
Preparing for the arrival of the cold, letting go of the superfluous and oxygenating all tissues.

Lymphatic tree in winter
Under the blanket of snow the lymph, like water, continues to flow deep inside.

Human Gardening

A series of family portraits of human gardening. Special artworks created for ArtVndngMchn Series 2. An amazing NFT art pack created by Joe Chiappetta that also helps raise money for charity. Info on ArtVndngMchn. On @WAX_io @AtomicHub! July 10!

Animal Plants

A series of imaginary animal plants have sprouted in my mind.
All pieces are available on my NEAR gallery.

Natural Anatomy

Natural microcosmos inside my body.
All pieces are available on my HEN gallery.

Bozzoli - Cocoons

Bozzoli è un progetto di trasformazione nato durante il Lock down
imposto dall'arrivo del virus COVID-19.

"Il mistero della metamorfosi degli insetti sta nel fatto che due corpi che non condividono nulla da un punto di vista anatomico, ecologico ed etologico, cioè il bruco da una parte e la farfalla dall'altra, attraverso la metamorfosi, si rivelano essere la stessa vita. ... La vita è quella che sta fra i mondi, che li mette insieme." Emanuele Coccia

Cocoons is a transformation project born during the Lock down
imposed by the arrival of the COVID-19 virus.

"The mystery of insect metamorphosis lies in the fact that two bodies that do not
share anything from an anatomical, ecological and ethological point of view, that is the caterpillar on one side and the butterfly on the other, through metamorphosis, turn out
to be the same life. ... Life is that which lies between the worlds,
which brings them together." Emanuele Coccia

Travel Cocoons

Cocoons - Special Edition

Makersplace on-line shop

Queste opere autentiche sono acquistabili nel mio shop on-line su blockchain.

These authentic works can be purchased in my online shop on blockchain.

Organi - Organs

Il mio corpo mi parla e ogni organo ha la sua voce. Questo progetto nasce
dal dialogo con il mio corpo e l'ascolto delle parti interne di me.

My body speaks to me and every organ has its voice. This project is born 
from dialogue with my body and listening to the inner parts of me.

Makersplace on-line shop

Queste opere autentiche sono acquistabili nel mio shop on-line su blockchain.

These authentic works can be purchased in my online shop on blockchain.

You can change the story

Questo mio nuovo progetto dà una nuova vita alle eroine che sono finite tragicamente.
Posso cambiare il finale di una storia. Posso pensare di poter scegliere.
Posso svegliarmi e prendere in mano la mia vita.

This new project of mine gives a new lease of life to the heroines who ended tragically. 
I can change the ending of a story. I can think you can choose. 
I can wake up and take charge of my life.

Ophelia is alive! 

The seemingly fragile and disappointed Ophelia rejected by Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, fell into the river and they say she drowned but...

Cho Cho-San is alive! 

Disappointed and abandoned by Pinkerton, Cho Cho-San (Madame Butterfly) looks in front of her as a new life is born in her belly...

Still life - My little museum