Collaborative project 2021 

Venus Skins 

Nothing is fixed, everything changes. As the skin cells are constantly renewing and transforming Venus is always in motion. She turns from one state to another like a breath, a life cycle, a wave; a metamorphosis that show her different and unique in every moment. Multiple and infinite Goddesses shape her, inside and outside and a alchemy is necessary to be able to see beyond appearances. And in the flow of adaptability and transformation, we wear avatars, we digitally multiply our possibility of expression, we are in a constant flow of data that we shape to make them visible. Venus is our manifest creation and at the same time sublimation of matter which is composed of unstable particles, she materializes and dissolves concepts and beauty.

Nulla è fisso, tutto muta. Come le cellule della pelle sono in continuo rinnovamento e trasformazione Venere è sempre in movimento. Passa da uno stato all’altro come un respiro, un ciclo vitale, un’onda, una metamorfosi che la vede diversa e unica in ogni istante. Molteplici e infinite Dee la abitano dentro e fuori e la metamorfosi è necessaria per poter vedere al di là delle apparenze. E nel flusso di adattabilità e trasformazione, indossiamo avatar, moltiplichiamo digitalmente la nostra possibilità di espressione, nuotiamo in un costante flusso di dati che plasmiamo e mutiamo per renderli visibili. Venere è la nostra creazione manifesta e allo stesso tempo sublimazione della materia che di particelle instabili è composta, materializza e dissolve i concetti e la bellezza.

Le Dee

Operative on a renewal of the concepts of beauty and eros related icons: The Venus projected essence is exploring new etheric landscapes, by being presence she is creating  new paths and new mirrors for future travelers.

Operativa su un rinnovamento dei concetti di bellezza e icone legate all'eros. L'essenza proiettata di Venere sta esplorando nuovi paesaggi eterici; essendo presenza lei crea nuovi percorsi e nuovi specchi per futuri viaggiatori.

The new Venus, the Verdosa, takes strength and beauty from her vegetable half, a new race faces the world, blood and chlorophyll will work together in a new Era.

La nuova Venere, la Verdosa, trae forza e bellezza dalla sua metá vegetale, una nuova razza si affaccia al mondo, sangue e clorofilla lavoreranno insieme in una nuova Era.

I grow my inner garden so it can flower, fade and flourish again in every season. So that it can be approached as one would visit a temple, with tranquillity, delicacy, respect and love.

Coltivo il mio giardino interiore perché possa fiorire, sfiorire e rifiorire in ogni stagione. Perché possa essere visitato come si visita un tempio, con tranquillità, delicatezza, rispetto e amore.

Venado, contraction of VENusADOnis, is a form of the feminine inside a male body. The dragon represents the creative force, necessary to survive and be true to ourselves in the patriarchal world. The water on which Venado is walking is the ultimate symbol of resilience and vitality, two useful traits to queers. The two lateral plants want to recall how the substantial parts are often hidden from the surface.
Dedicated to Luca.

"Vania", in Hebrew, is "The Possessor of God's Grace", a woman sure of herself who likes to feel supported and protected by those she loves. But since my Vania is such a powerful Goddess she doesn’t need “the grace” of any man, she already has her own, she is a Goddess for excellence! Inside her vibrate the forces of the universe, all the powerful and magic of existence, the tenderness and delicacy of life... roses, deepness, stars, breeze, water, life, ether, magic. Vania is that fine balance between light and dark forces.

Barbara Tosti

I love to challenge myself on how long I can avoid writing bios. 
I wear artist glasses and masks and I practice research and trigger reactions by accident. Always storytelling. 
We are bound to communicate, so I like the collaborative 
and conversational aspects of art.

Vanesa Stati

Life lover, Daydreamer, Restless soul, Natural explorer, Digital dadaist, Crypto artist, simply artist... I make art and art makes me. Art is in turn the way I choose to live and the guide of my journey through this world, my inner we choose art or it choose us to raise its own voice? I guess we'll never know.

Isa Kost

I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I dedicate myself to research projects in contemporary art. In my works I experiment both analogical techniques such as printing, collage and photography, and digital techniques.

Cristiana Vettor

I have always drawn, but done something completely different in life, for a couple of years I discovered cryptoart and I started to create with enthusiasm with new technological means, and to give voice to creativity. Love to share experiences in the artists community, and love nature, my inner soul.


I do art and grow plants. Born in Italy, I like to collaborate with creative people from all over the world. I've been into cryptoart since 2017 and I’m building a regenerative farm in Tuscany. 

Our Story

Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with it. Today, we’ve grown into something big.

Collaborative project 2018 - 2019 

International Mail Print Art 

May 2019 - Females

February 2019 - Sophia Loren and Tina Modotti

October 2018 - Impossible Gardens